Privacy Policy

We’ve created this Privacy Policy to demonstrate our commitment to privacy for our website users. The following paragraphs disclose our information-gathering and dissemination practices. This Privacy Policy may change at any time, and we will post changes on this page. 

What information do we collect?
Most data we collect is used only to help us better serve our clients. Our general policy is to collect and store only company information that our clients and visitors knowingly provide.

General Information
We do not collect any personal information from users browsing our website. Only aggregate data — such as the number of hits per page — are collected. Aggregate data are only used for internal and marketing purposes and do not provide any personally identifying information.

Website Contact Forms
The contact forms on our website allows users to provide inquiries. The choice of how much information you choose to disclose on the General Contact Form to up to you.

Use of Session and IP Addresses
We use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer our website. Our website uses “sessions” to keep track of various functions within the website.

A “session” is a series of interactions between two communication end points that occur during a single connection. Typically, one endpoint requests a connection with another specified endpoint. If that endpoint replies by agreeing to the connection, the endpoints take turns exchanging commands and data (“talking to each other”). The session begins when the connection is established at both ends and terminates when the connection ends.

A unique number called an IP address identifies every computer on the Internet. Each time you connect to the Internet, your machine is assigned an IP address. An IP address is a number that identifies each sender or receiver of information sent in packets across the Internet.

Use of Cookies
We use “cookies” to track traffic patterns on our website. These “cookies” can anonymously identify users. All information obtained through cookies is encrypted for security purposes. We reserve the right to use “cookies” if you agree to their use. Cookies help us make improvements to the website to improve the user experience. Our cookies are never used to identify users personally. Our cookies can’t read data off a user’s hard disk, damage user hard disks, or read cookie files created by other user websites. 

You can set your browser to send a warning message before accepting or refusing cookies. Check with your browser for instructions on how to handle cookies. If you decline the use of cookies, you may not have access to all features of our website. 

Means of Redress
If you suspect we have handled user information in a manner that does not comply with this Privacy Policy, please email us at